Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Province of British Columbia (Crown Canada) appears to have decided to continue its trespass upon the Rocky Mountain Cree Nation / Kelly Lake Cree Nation non-ceded (not a Treaty 8 signatory) traditional, governed lands. This is not acceptable; and, is specifically rejected by the governing body of this Rocky Mountain Cree Nation Peoples.
Rocky Mountain Cree Nation has chosen to enter into trade and commerce development with the Netherlands for purposes of developing resources within the custom laws of its social contract. And, there is no historical or prevailing treaty with the claimed Crown Canada; nor, with the fictional British Columbia. Any claim by Crown Canada and / or British Columbia to the contrary is an apparent contravention of the United Nations Charter, Chapter VII provisions - to which British Columbia is bound by its confederation agreement with Crown Canada.
 As you are aware, these west coast territories of Turtle Island North are not treatied territories with Crown Canada; nor, with British Columbia. Further, parties to a contract or treaty must possess competent, legal capacity to enter into a binding agreement. There is no prevailing nor historical right of the founding parties of Crown Canada or British Columbia to claim such legal capacity, as evidenced by documents from the archives of the United Kingdom / Great Britain / England or the parliaments, therein. No monarchical declaration possessed the capacity to declare either the Hudson's Bay Company Charter; nor, the declaration of the gift of Rupert's Land. Thank you for directing your legal counsel to advise you of these demonstrative truths.
Therein, you will appreciate that, in this instance of the customary and traditional, not conquered lands of these Rocky Mountain Cree Nation Peoples, they are entitled to protect their lands from trespass. The W.A.C. Bennett Dam project is an historical trespass. The Beaver Peoples are still entitled to adequate compensation for their dislocation under the terms of Free Prior Informed Consent. The described resource parameters for this BC Hydro Site-C Dam are clearly within the paramount governing authorities of Rocky Mountain Cree Nation; who has entered into a development agreement with this writer Goodwin on behalf of the Kwa'mutsun Nation Sthuy'shen 'Telew T-hw Peace & Harmony Trust; and, through which we have established financing agreements with capable third parties; and, through which the objective continues to be to embrace the 1613 Two Row Wampum protocols of Gus Wen Tah. Specifically, your / BC's declared continued presence within these RMCN territories constitutes a breach of the 1953 Elizabeth II Coronation Oath; and, does appear to constitute violations of Crimes Against Humanities provisions.
Thank you for withdrawing, forthwith. Failure to withdraw and issue a public notice of such with 10 days of this communication shall entitle this writer to pursue appropriate and applicable legal rights for injunctions and remediation upon all parties,
As a guest in Turtle Island North, you / British Columbia as within Crown Canada, are reminded of known universal human rights standards that prevail upon all parties in these matters of land governance. Thank you.
In Truth
huy'ch'qu' / merci / thank / miiqwich